Alex's images from the event:

exploring the light

Camera Expressions

This is a simple page for ordering images from the Joe Countryman Fundraiser event. We are asking for donations to be made to Joe Countryman's Go Fund Me account in exchange for images. Donations give you right to share on social media them, with photo credit to Alan Jacobs and Alex Jacobs, one social media. If requested, I can also provide a link to download a higher resolution image for you to print. 

You can donate here: https://www.gofundme.com/f/6wqb41c

Please donate $5.00 dollars per single order.

Please donate $25.00 for ten images.

Please donate at least $50.00 for up to 50 images. 

For all link to download all images please donate $100.00

After the donation please email jacobsae@hotmail.com with the image Page (One or Two), name/names you would like and I will email back the image or a link to a dropbox for the higher resolution images. Open the images and on the lower left you will find the image number to email to me. THANK YOU!!!